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Income & Outgoings Debt Management Calculator &
Free Personal Finance Statement Of Affairs Template.

using our free debt management calculator

the income / expenditure statement of affairs template below will work out your personal budget for you - The calculator will show you clearly your financial status and assist you to work out the best way to get out of debt.

Make sure that you enter your information ACCURATELY so that your personal finance statement is correct. When you have finished ENTERING ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION, click "Calculate your budget" and then you can print off as many copies as you need, maybe to send to your creditors if they are asking for a breakdown of your income and outgoings - Our personal debt calculator is completely free to use and WE HAVE debt counsellors ON HAND TO HELP YOU IF YOU NEED THEM as part of our free debt advice assessment SERVICE...




Income Details

Enter full details of all of your monthly income:

Amount ()
Your Monthly Wages (after tax)
Your Partner's Wages (after tax)
Benefits (Working Tax Credits, Income Support, DLA, etc)
Other Income (e.g. maintenance payments, other jobs, etc)


Enter full details of your monthly household expenditure:

Amount ()
Mortgage payment (This will auto complete from lower in the form)
Secured/HP loans (This will auto complete from lower in the form)
Rent (Do not complete if you have a mortgage)
Management Charge (e.g. If you have a leasehold property)
Council Tax
Water Rates
Home Telephone
Mobile Phone
TV License
Satellite/Cable TV
Internet Services
Groceries etc.
Road Tax (car)
Car Insurance (including breakdown cover)
Car Maintenance (including MOT)
Car Parking
Other Travel
Other child related expenses
Medical (prescriptions, dentists, opticians etc.)
Pet Insurance/Vet bills
Building Insurance
Contents Insurance
Life Assurance
Other Insurance
Presents (birthday, Christmas etc.)
Household Emergency Fund (e.g. for repairs)

Mortgage, Secured Debt and Hire Purchase details

Enter details of your monthly secured debt payments: (i.e. - any finance that is secured on your home - Mortgage, Home Loans, etc)

Debt description Current
Balance ()
Monthly payment () Annual
Rate (%)
Secured debt
Hire Purchase (HP)

Unsecured Debts

Enter details of your monthly unsecured debt payments: (i.e. - credit cards, loans, car finance, mail order catalogues, etc)

Debt description Current
Balance ()
Payment ()
Rate (%)

Your Assets

Enter full details of the value of your assets below:

Asset Value
(i.e. - 10,000.00)
House value (gross)
Shares & bonds
Other assets (e.g. endowments, jewelry)

Additional Information

Optional information, but very useful for anyone reviewing your personal finance statement:

How many adults live in your household
How many children live in your household
Number of cars in your household

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Error Messages (If Applicable)

Here is your Personal Summary of Your Monthly Income, Expenses and Surplus

IMPORTANT:~ If either your Current Monthly Surplus or Amount Available to repay your Debts above show a negative figure (I.E. A Shortfall), then you could benefit from a no obligation chat with a debt expert to find out how to deal with your debt problem and get your finances back on track.

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Your Personal Financial Statement

IMPORTANT:~ If your Current Net Assets/Liabilities above shows a negative figure (I.E. A Liability) in our free income and expenditure template, then you could benefit from a no obligation chat with a debt expert to find out how to deal with your debt problem and get your finances back on track.

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