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A re-mortgage is something that people are doing more and more. A remortgage is changing your mortgage on to another product and normally another lender.

There are many reasons why people feel the need to re-mortgage. A large majority of people will re-mortgage to get a cheaper deal. It may be that you need to get out of debt / consolidate other debts and the cheapest option would be to remortgage putting all your debts into one affordable monthly payment

There is a wide selection of mortgage products available and the reason for this is that there are a lot of people with different circumstances and that is why it is important to get the right mortgage product for you.
Sometimes it is not possible to get a re-mortgage deal through a high street bank or building society and you may think that you are unable to re-mortgage. This is not true as there are mortgage products to suit everyone.

Are you having problems re-mortgaging?

Debt Advisory Helpline can offer you free professional advice on whether you would qualify for a standard remortgage or advise you is you need a bad credit remortgage. We can help you if you are self-employed, currently in an IVA or a current homeowner who is bankrupt. We believe no one is beyond help!

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