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How long will my Debt Management Plan take to complete?

It can be put in place very quickly and will normally run for a period of 60 months for you to get out of debt with a DMP. All clients joining a Debt Management Plan receive an individual estimate of the length of time it will take to complete their DMP.

What can I do to make my Debt Management Plan Work?

1. Make sure that you make all of your payment on time.

2. Your debt management plan is managed for you, but it is always worth keeping a check on things, have a look at your statements and if you are unsure about anything that they contain, bring it to the attention of your debt counsellor and they will deal with anything that is not right. When you enter into your debt management plan, your creditors will stop charging late payment fees and interest, so if you are concerned about anything that statements show, JUST ASK!

3. Don't make any payments directly to your creditors unless you have discussed this with your Debt Manager.

4. Don't apply for any more credit until your finances are properly back on track and the circumstances that caused your money problems have properly gone for good.

I have more than £5000 worth of debt, can I still get a debt management plan?

Yes. As long as you can afford the monthly payments, click on the link below, complete your details and our debt advisers will help with all your queries, carry out a debt management calculator assessment and can get your debt management program underway with delay....

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